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2014: My Body Is Ready

I felt a profound sense of happiness while I was watching the fireworks earlier tonight. Truth be told, that feeling of happiness was so intense that it kinda made me want to cry. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt on a New Year’s Eve. I didn’t know why I would want to cry though. There was nothing sappy, emotional or dramatic about watching fireworks from across a polluted river. But I don’t know, I was filled with hope, I guess? Hope that this new year could be a year filled with new and better opportunities. Hope that this year could be a tabula rasa, and I could start again with a fresh beginnings. Hope that I would be able to fix all the mistakes I made in the yesteryear, return things to the way they used to be. Hope that I can actually stick to my resolutions, and improve as a person.

Right then and there, I felt like 2014 would be a great year for me. I might be being too optimistic here, but that feeling of happiness/hope (hope-iness???) was so strong, I feel like it can’t be wrong. I am definitely looking forward to this new year. I intend to make it one of my best years. The universe may conspire against me, but I’ll just push on and fight back.

If someone actually took the time to read all this, thank you. I hope you feel excited for this new year too. If 2013 sucked for you, don’t worry, you can do better this year. New year, new beginnings.

Anyway, long post over. Happy New Year, all!


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