No, I don’t mean the very confusing movie starring the still Oscar-less Leonardo Di Caprio. 

I mean “inception” as in the establishment or starting point of something – in this case, mah blog.

I guess introductions are in order, since this is probably the first time you, the reader, are meeting me. So uhhh, hi! My name is Josh, I’m a sophomore at De La Salle University, taking up Behavioral Science and Accountancy. I like watching TV shows, reading books, and surfing the net in general. Also, I enjoy taking long walks at the beach at sunset but you don’t need to know that.

Though I created this wordpress to comply with the requirements of my INTFILO (Introduction to Philosophy) class, I want to keep it alive with posts about things that interest me, or updates about my life. Kinda like a Tumblr blog, without all the gifs and feels, and more school stuff and reflection papers. Also, I am sorry for my header. I literally just took the default one and added some text to personalize it. 

I want to close this first post with a video I found today made by Vsauce, one of my favorite educational YouTubers. In this video, he talks about the senses, memory, how we know things, epistemology, realism, solipsism, and a bunch of other philosophical stuff that I assume (and hope) we will be discussing in class at some point. 

‘Till next time!

– JC


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